I am Judy Head.  For many years my professional life revolved around marketing and graphic designer within the jewllery industry, but recently I have stepped back from my business to focus on Japanese influenced ink painting and calligraphy.   I had the opportunity tstudy and practice in the studio of Talia LeHavi.

I was first introduced to the art of the Chinese and Japanese inkpainters  when my aunt gave me a birthday card featuring a horse galloping away.  I then studied the work of the Japanese woodcut printers and ink painters of the 18th and 19th centuries during my years at art school weh I was able to see the real thing in London museums.   The sense of space, the energy of the brush marks and the simplicity of the layout are very different to those familiar with the rules and culture of Western art.  However, the work of the Japanese artists, calligraphers and woodcut printers heavily influenced the Impressionists of the 19th and 20th centuries and many artist from all disciplines across the world – myself included.

My paintings are executed on Japanese or Chinese papers, using traditional black Sumi and coloured mineral inks.   I use Japanese brushes to achieve the result and at present tend to limit the amount of colour, preferring to simplicity of the black Sumi ink. The paintings are float mounted – meaning that the artwork rests on top of the board rather than overlapping – surrounded by a mount and  an ash frame.  Each is priced individually.

Please contact me by email or phone for further information:

e: art@judyhead-inkpainting.com

t: 07831 447356