Study of a Wild Begonia

The wild Begonia has tiny delicate pale pink flowers that appear in the early spring  – unlike its cultivated cousins  with their flash of colour from summer to autumn.  The flowers hang on fine threads under assymetrical green/purple leaves.  The leaves are probably the most stunning feature.  Velvety on top with heavily defined veins in the deep burgundy beneath.  The Begonia was known in China from the 14th century.  The astrigent properties in the leaves were used in herbal medicine as an antiseptic, to clean and heal wounds

I painted this piece just before lockdown on fine Japanese washi paper using traditional black Sumi ink and mineral water colours.  It is float mounted and framed in natural un-waxed ash.   The chop, placed above the signature using rouge, means purity.

Framed dimensions: 410 mm x 365 mm with D rings on the frame for hanging.