Peace Lily.

The Lily – cultivated for over 3000 years with over 4000 different varieties.  It originated in Asia Minor.  Lilies were used for decoration but the bulb is also used in medicine to treat burns, coughs and ulcers.

The white lily is symbolic of purity and innocence with Biblical associations that of back to the Songs of Solomon.  The Greeks thought the original white lily grew from the breast milk of Hera, Queen of the Godesses and parton of lawful marriage.  The lily is also the symbol of fertility.  The lily was adopted as the flower of the Madonna.

This painting of a peace lily was painted on very fine Japanese paper made from mulberry leaves, using traditional black Sumi and Japanese mineral water colour.  It is float mounted and framed in natural ash.  The chop, placed between the signature and calligraphic symbol for peace and harmony, means “still and quiet”.

Size: 400 mm x 565mm.

This painting is now sold.